Will These Top 20 Images Of Cats VS Dogs Give Us The Answer Which Pet Is Better?

It always occurs an argument between cat and dog lovers that which pet is better. Sometimes it start a war to find out the true answer. No one can really tell the answer that which pet is better because some loves cat and others may have weakness  to dog. It may strain a friendship or end a marriage to find out the answer. Now it’s a burning question to animal lovers that which pet is better and which they should accept. So let’s start the discussion about cats vs. dogs that which pet is better.Top 20 Images Of Cats VS Dogs Give

  1. More intelligent

It may say that cats are more brilliant and they are more intelligent than a  dog. It knows very well how to get attention of someone,Top 20 Images Of Cats VS Dogs Give

  1. Better Manners

When someone of your friends or guest come to your house, Dog may barking or pawing at the newcomer. It means “pay attention to me”. while dog do everything to get the attention, the cat may not be seen ever nowhere.Top 20 Images Of Cats VS Dogs Give

Top 20 Images Of Cats VS Dogs Give

3.True comedians

Cats are always love to act as a comedians where dogs are not perfect. Most of the time the internet team also use memo of cat’s as their facts.

  1. Better Decibel Managers

Dogs are always barking loudly but cats are always gentle. You never feel disturb at their hisses or meow where dogs always make you more disturb at their bark. Your neighbor will never call you to complain about the meow of your cat but may be complained about the barking of your dog that it awake him  from sleeping.

5.Helps to make you laugh

Dogs and cats both are perfect to make you laugh. Their activities must make you more happier at the time of your sadness. so you must need a pet like cat or dog.

6.A grateful pet

Dogs are always grateful to his master but cat always think different about his master. They are different  in decision making.

  1. Difference in behavior

Both the pets are difference in their behavior. At this sense  dogs are better than a cat because dog always think possible though it has some bad habits.

Dog’s sense of smell can be useful

University of Pennsylvania researchers are currently training Golden Retrievers and German Shepards  how to sniff out ovarian cancer.

  1. Dogs are more naughty than cats


  1. Technologically-advanced

Most of the cats are not technology advanced. While cats are busy to crumpled tissues over the house, dogs are trying to learn about technology .

  1. Real life heroes

Dogs are real life heroes because they use to track criminals, find out bomb and sometimes they work as a spy.

  1. Sense of humor

Dogs have sixth sense. As a result it can warn its master before 12 to 15 hours before the attack.  Try getting your cat to use speed dial.Top 20 Images Of Cats VS Dogs Give

 Best partner

Dog may your best friend and partner of you. When we feel bored after retirement or feel lonely it may our best companions.Top 20 Images Of Cats VS Dogs Give

  1. Dogs help you to make friends


  1. Deeper Connection

We can make deeper connection with dogs while we are failed to make connection with cats.

16. Immaculate Personal Hygiene

Personal hygiene is not on top of a pooch’s lists of priorities. You can give a dog a million baths and spray him with doggy cologne, but his distinct odor never seems to go away. But cats, both wild and domestic, spend up to one-third of their time self-grooming, according to Animal Planet.

More reliable

cats are always reliable while dogs are little. When you  If you leave your baby alone with a dog, it thinks it’s  snack time whereas the cat makes excellent and responsible babysitter.

  1. More impressive in jobs

Cats are perfect and more impressive in jobs whereas Dogs are little perfect for doing jobs.

  1. Cats are more gifted scholars than a Dog


  1. Both are adorable


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