Top 15 most fascinating pets of Powerful World Leaders in world history

most fascinating pets of Powerful World Leadersx
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Top 15 most fascinating pets of Powerful World Leaders in world history

Not only in politics but also they are perfect in love. The world’s most powerful leaders are also have loved to pets. So they have passed their little personal time with their most beloved animals and with their family. It gives them more pleasure and enjoy. It can be said that these pets are really lucky because they got royal title from the powerful leaders and royal families. Top 15 most fascinating pets
1.Barack Obama-

most fascinating pets of Powerful World Leadersx

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The world’s most powerful leader Barack Obama has a pet dog named Bo. Bo means New hope. He got the dog by his victory in 2009.When he got victory, Senator Ted Kennedy and his wife gifted the dog to the Obama girls because President Obama was promised to his daughters to give them a puppy if he got victory. since then Bo waits for Greet president Obama outer the Oval office, when he is not at home. They have another pet named Sunny. Obama family has great loved to these adorable pet.
2. Vladimir Putin-Koni 

Top 15 most fascinating pets of Powerful World Leaders in world history

Russian president Vladimir Putin has a black labrador Koni. With whom Putin loves to pass his personal time, koni is one of them. When Putin met with Angela Merkel, the German chancellor, koni was presented at that time. So you may realise that koni plays a humble part in political play. What a vital role koni plays!! Top 15 most fascinating pets

3. Bill Gates-Oreo and Nilla  

Bill Gates-Oreo and Nilla

The second richest man in the world Bill gates has two dogs named Oreo and Nilla.
4. Queen Elizabeth II-corgis


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The Queen is very fond of corgis and she has three corgis currently. Once a time in her 62 years of reign as a queen of United Kingdom , she had more than 30 corgis and she loved to pass her time with those corgis. Once she had said that her corgis are her family. The name of her three corgis are – Monty, Willow, and Holly. When she was 18, she got a corgis which was only two month. The Queen takes care of her corgis and serves them the meal. They lead a very luxurious life under queen’s reign. What a luxurious life they lead.
5. Francois Hollande- Camel

The Malian president gave a camel to french president Franchos Holland that was his gift as a thankful sign. To get the camel Holland thought to keep the camel in a native family as long as it took time to grow up and sent in the zoo. Because it was not looking good to care the camel in the presidential residence. But Alas! the native family didn’t get the memo and at last they bound to cook the camel a straw. Holland was shocked to hear the news and Mali promised to give him another more bigger, active and better looking camel. It was holland’s fate and he didn’t deserve for that.

6. David Cameron- Lorry

David Cameron’s had loved to a cat which name was Lorry. It is a great achieve for the pet that it plays an important role as the chief mouser of downing street and it got a Royal title from Cameron. Cameron promised to make ensure the Double security around Lorry.
7. King Abdullah- Horse

In Saudi Arabia one of the most popular game is remained as horse racing. So became the king of Saudi Arabia, Abdullah has a collection of over 1000 horses, which are stabled in janadira park. The king observe his horses when he gets time. He has a lot of love and caring of them.
8. Stephen Harper- Stanley and Gypsy

Stephen Harper, the previous prime minister of Canada is very fond of cats where the dog has gained the favorite place of love. Harper family has two cats – Stanley And Gypsy. When Prime minister had left the presidential residence, the cats also left the official palace and start leaving with Harper family in new place. Harper introduced the Stanley whose name was selected by facebook interpole as a playful one. And Gypsy is known as camera shy mouser.
9. King Bhumibol Adulyadej- Thong Daeng

Thong Daeng, the name of a female copper colored dog and the most favorite and adorable dog of king Bhumibol in Thailand. He had an undescriped love of the dog. But it’s a very heart shocking news that Thong Daeng was died at the age of 17. She died peacefully on 26 December 2015 at 11:10pm at Klai Kangwon Palace at the time of sleeping and relaxing. For the past few years Thong Daeng had been ill and at her death Bhumibol became shocked and has been in hospital last few years. Bhumibol wrote a book about the life of the dog and it sold huge number of copies of the book. It got the popularity and the dog got more importance and love from his people. Thong Daeng had great respect and gratitude for her master.
10. Bill Clinton- Buddy and Socks

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Buddy and Socks are the President Bill Clinton’s two favorite and adorable pets. In 1992 when Clinton got the Presidency, socks was photographers most favorite at that time. Socks enjoyed to ride president shoulders and loved to stay in oval office with the President. Clinton had another pet named buddy. Between socks and buddy had a difficult relationship but Clinton had enough love for those pets.
11. Richard Nixon – Checker

Richard Nixon, the U.S President had been given a dog from his family which had Black and white spotted. They called it Checker. I just want to say right now that he had a lot of love for checker as like a kid.
12.Franklin D. Roosevelt-Fala

Franklin was the 32nd President of American people. In 1940, he had been given a dog by his cousin Mrs. Augustus G. Kellog. He renamed the dog ‘Murray the Outlaw of Falahill’. Falahil’s nickname was fala andhis cousin Daisy practiced him all behavior before went to white house. He had a extra chair for sleeping near the foot of president because president had extra care for him.
13.George W. Bush- Barney and Miss Beazley

Barney and Miss Beazley are the most beloved two Scottish pets of president bush and Mrs. Laura Bush. President Bush brought the Barney in white house in 2000 after he became the president and Miss Beazley was the birthday gift of Mrs. Bush from president Bush. In a very short time they had been able to capture the people’s heart and became very popular in the world. They also became a good playmate. But it’s very heart touching that these two adorable and beloved playmates had passed away in 2013(Barney) and 2014 (Beazley).
14. Kevin Rudd- Abby and Jasper

Abby was the close playmate of president Kevin Rudd. He had another pet jasper and it was a cat. President had passed most of his personal time with Abby and Jasper in the lodge by playing with them. Mr. Rudd was always very interested in animals and their welfare.
15. Hillary Clinton- Seamus

Hillary Clinton’s favorite pet named seamus was the birthday gift for her husband in June 2002 as a father’s day gift. When she brought seamus, it was only a 4month old puppy. After the death of seamus, they bought another pets. But seamus was the most valuable and favorite pet of Clinton family.