The most innocent looking animals in the world

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The most innocent looking animals in the world that are very dangerous

There are more than thousands of animals in the world. Some are looking innocent and some are cool but dangerous. But all the innocent animals are not pretty. sometimes some innocent animals may very dangerous. Most of the time these wild animals are looking pretty and adorable but in the mean time they are very dangerous and be very harmful. sometimes they may the cause of your death. most innocent looking animals

  1. Hooded Pitohui


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Birds are always lovely to us but some of them may dangerous. Such as Hooded Pitohui. Though this bird is looking so attractive, it is more dangerous and harmful for all. Because It carries poison on its feathers and skin. This poison may cause your death. Generally, these birds are found in New Guinea and it has a sweet voice. It is black and orange in shades and looks so innocent. But the poison it contains on its feathers and skin are powerful neurotoxin alkaloids of the batrachotoxin group. There are other species of birds which contain chemical self-defense mechanism but hooded pitohui is the only bird which is so poisonous to humans. most innocent looking animals

  1. Blue Dragon

The blue sea dragon is the most miniature animals of the sea. It is generally about 3cm in size but it is so much dangerous that can kill you. It is generally known as sea angel. But it is known as the different name such as blue sea slug, blue glaucus, blue ocean slug, sea swallow etc. It has a defense mechanism that is harmful both to humans and other animals. It is so small in size but harmful for drivers and swimmers.

  1. Puffer fish


As usual, people love to keep fishes in aquarium but they never think sometimes fish may the cause of death. Yes, I am said about puffer fish, the world second most dangerous fish. Though It looks so attractive and innocent,  it is harmful to humans. Our fisherman should use thick gloves to avoid poisoning. You will be surprised to hear that A puffer fish has enough poison to kill 30 adult humans. Puffer fish also are known as blowfish.

4.Poison Dart Frog


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Poison dart frog which is scientifically known as the family of Dendrobatidae. It has beautiful colors that can charms you but don’t be fooled by its beauty because it is poisonous. It has enough poison to kill 10 grown men.   people of Colombia Embera have used its poison on hunting. Recently The medical science has used its poison in painkiller and they have positive response on it. Poison Dart frog is different in colors and every color has contained different douse of poison. So be careful because this innocent poison dart frog can be the cause of human’s death. It can also kill not only humans but also others wild animals.

5. Blue-ringed octopus

There are three species of octopus are alive in the world and most of them are found on pacific and Indiana ocean. They are the most smallest mammals almost 12 to 20 cm in size but it is dangerous for human because this blue ringed octopus contains tetrodotoxin that is enough to kill human. It can easily kill twenty to sixty adult humans within minutes. They will bite you without pain so first time you can’t realize how dangerous they are. You can identify them by their blue, yellow and black skin that is as like as ring. Blue-ringed octopus has average 50-60 rings totally on its skin. most innocent looking animals

  1. Bear


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The most adorable and lovely mammals on the world are the bear. They are looking so adorable and innocent. But you can’t imagine that this bear can be the most dangerous animal like other ferocious animals. There are almost eight species of bear around the world. Bear has a good sense of smells and in a short period of times they can run fast up to 35 mph. In Canada and America the black species bear attacked between 1900 to 2009 and they killed humans. All kinds of bear may dangerous and cause the reason of humans death.

  1. Giant anteater

At first look you can’t think it can be dangerous Because it has natural beauty. Generally, they are known as ant bear. It founds in central and South America. This mammal has no teeth but it can lap up more than 35,000 ants at a time.

  1. The Bush Baby


The bush baby has long eyes than their head and they can’t move their eyes like other animals. As a result they can look directly on their backward and they are able to move their whole head on shoulders on backwards. Bush babies are nocturnal and they have a good scent sense. As a result they can easily identify their foods on night. As usual they eat owls, snacks, African wild cats etc. As like wild animals, these bush baby are also very dangerous for human. most innocent looking animals

  1. Stalker / Spider-horse


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Stalker horse is black and red in colors and it has a large belly. It looks like innocent but it never miss the chance to bite you. It can run fast and this stalker horse has an excellent memory. If it bites you in one time, you might be the cause of your death.

10.Wild Goose

The  wild goose is the most beautiful like other animals but dangerous for human. It is generally found in Canada and if it bites, it can be the cause of fractures, brain injury etc. It also may the cause of death for the human.

There are more than thousands of animals which are looking so innocent but these innocent animals can be the cause of human death. Though these animals are dangerous, they also have good and positive sides. They help to maintain environmental sequences and some of them have used on making painkiller.