Most amazing facts about animals that you didn’t know before


Most amazing facts about animals that you didn’t know before

Animals are very well known to all of us but everyone doesn’t know everything or the life style process of animals. Some things are really unknown to us about animals. From that unknown facts, some can really surprise you. And there can be more amazing things that you didn’t know before. So be ready to be surprised by the list of unknown amazing facts about animals.Most amazing facts about animals

1.Blue whales

Blue whales are bigger than the largest dinosaur. Their tongues can as weight as an elephant and hearts are as much as a car. They can stay 90 minutes under water while human can stay 19 minutes without breathing. They are known as the most emotional animal in the world.Most amazing facts about animals


Turtles are the oldest animal in the world. It had a hard shell which is made up of 60 different bones. These bones are connected together. We normally see that turtles can hide their head inside their shell but you may not know that all turtles cannot do this.

  1. Hummingbird

Most amazing facts about animals

Hummingbird cannot walk on the ground because their feet are smaller than their body. They can fly  15 m/s or 54 km/h at speeds. Female hummingbirds are more active and they make their nest alone. The most amazing fact about the hummingbird is that it can flash its color and can hide the color when needed. Though hummingbird is small in size, it has an extra ordinary power. It is able to  hear better and see farther than human.Most amazing facts about animals


Because of excellent hearing, without moving its head, kangaroo can move their ears in different directions. It can swim independently but cannot run fast.


If you have allergy, don’t afraid about poodles because most of them are hypoallergenic. Like you, poodles are love to ride cars and they love long drive and journey.


Most amazing facts about animals

It’s amazing that giraffe have four parts stomach and they have no vocal cords. Its tongue is 50 centimeters long and bluish-black in color so that they can protect them from sunburn. They use their tongue as ear cleaning. They can protect themselves from other ferocious animals and their one kick is enough to kill a lion.


Don’t try it with them.. if you put salt on snail, they will die. They are nocturnal and they can see but can’t hear.

  1. Ant

ants are the most active worker than all other animals. Their all works are done by female ants. As a result their all soldier and queen are female ants. you may never hear that most of the ants can swim but they can and can stay 24 hours under the water. It has two stomachs – one for food and anther for other uses.


Most amazing facts about animals

Butterfly only can see red, green and yellow colors and they take food tastes with their feet because their taste receptors are stayed on legs. Under 86 degree of body temperature, they cannot fly.

1o. Crocodile

Though crocodile has a giant body, they lay eggs as like as goose’s eggs in size. Crocodile sweats through their mouth and for that they always stay with wide open mouth on water.  Their all powers are laid on their tail.


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