Frontline spray review best for cats and dogs

Frontline spray review
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Frontline spray reviews best for cats and dogs

Frontline spray is a flea controlling spray that you can be used on your dogs at the age of 2 days. It helps to control fleas and ticks and you can use it on dogs, cats, and kittens.  On some situation, the vet also advice this frontline spray. First of all, one should read about it and then take the decision if it is perfect for your pet.  Frontline spray can kill 98% – 100%  fleas within 24hours and helps to remove ticks within 48 hours. Frontline spray review

Frontline spray for cats and dogs

Your pet may be affected by various types of fleas and ticks. These can be the reason of your pet’s death. There are two types of fleas such as Brown dog fleas and Paralysis fleas. Both the fleas are harmful to the dogs and cats as like other animals. Frontline perfectly controls fleas and ticks and ensure the wellness off pets. You can easily use it at the age of 2days. Frontline spray is waterproof, so you can use it after or before the bath of your pet. You can also use it with another animal. It works perfectly well. Frontline spray review

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Frontline spray review


Key benefits of frontline spray :

  • Control any type of fleas and ticks.
  • Both perfect for dogs and cats
  • Can use on other animals that are affected by fleas and ticks.
  • 100% waterproof and long lasting
  • Works extremely good
  • 98% – 100% fleas killing
  • Works on fleas within 24 hours and on ticks within 48 hours
  • Advised by vet

Ingredients that are used in frontline spray

There are used only two ingredients on the spray. One is fipronil 0.29% and the other is Inter ingredients 99.1%. There is no harmful or artificial ingredients used on the frontline. So it is safe and secure for the pet’s health.

How frontline spray should be used :

Before use frontline spray, please wear hand gloves and then spray it. Spray it to the backs, sides, stomach, legs and uncovered part of the pet. Bathing and shampoo before 3weeks of use or shampoo after 3 weeks of use the spray. Use low dose on a short coat and medium dose for short but moderately thick coat.  High dose is perfect for a thick but long coat. High dose perfectly works on paralysis tick fleas. Use the spray outside the doors. You can reapply the spray after 30days. Frontline spray review

Frontline spray review

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Side effects :

It may cause a problem at pet pregnancy and others animals. So before applying frontline, please consultant a veterinarian. It may also cause some sensitivity and others side effect but it is too much rare. If you face any problem or side effects after applying it, please consultant a doctor as soon as possible. You must keep in mind that this frontline spray is only for external use. Frontline spray review

FAQ of the product


Question :  How can I store the spray?

Answer : Store the spray at 30  home temperature.

Question : Can this frontline spray be used on other animals?

Answer : No, never try to use it on rabbits.

Question : How many days it stays and how often should the spray be used?

Answer : Frontline is a long lasting spray and you can use it on every 30days.

Question : What type of shampoo should use of bathing?

Answer : Use the soap-free or pet shampoo but don’t use human shampoo after use the frontline spray.

Question : Is it have any side effects on the human?

Answer : No, there are no side effects for a human of it but follow the recommendation that is shown in  directions.

Frontline spray review

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What the users say about frontline

Many of our customers have used it and they get a positive result on it. On their using experience, they have already given the product 4 stars and gave a positive review on it. Let’s see what they say about frontline

” This is the best spray that I have ever found for my dogs and cats ” – recommended by one of our frontline users.


Sooner Frick – one of the regular user of frontline spray said that it’s a great product and it works for the pets at any ages. It can’t beat the price.


Cons of the product :

  • You may find it more expensive than another spray
  • It may cause some side effects on pet’s pregnancy. Don’t use the spray at pregnancy time.
  • It’s not perfect for a rabbit. So keep out the spray from rabbit pet.

Bottom line :

Frontline spray is the best fleas controlling spray than another spray. And it works as the recommendation. Though Some of the users have given critical reviews, most of the user have found positive sides on it.  It really works on fleas and ticks and keeps safe of your pet from the bite of fleas.