Dwarf Rabbit Care If You Have Just Got One To Pet It


Know The Complete Regimen Of Dwarf Rabbit Care If You Have Just Got One To Pet It

People pet so many domestic animals for different reasons. Some seek the safety of their house while some want a pet to fill up the blank space in their life. All the pet animals demand a different kind of care and routine.

Common pets like dogs and cats can be seen in every other house and people know well about their care and bringing up.

But there are some animals that are not as common but people keep them for the love of pets. Rabbits as pets are one such example of people’s love for cute and beautiful animals.

But rabbits are not as common for petting as other animals and they are very tiny and sensitive so they require the different type of care and a daily routine. If you have also brought baby rabbits to home to pet them, you need to know some essential facts and information about rabbits first.

Dwarf Rabbit Care

Rabbits are very beautiful and attractive animals for they are sensitive too, hence they must be taken care of by adults only. If there are kids around, they must play with the rabbits only under the supervision of elders because it can be dangerous for the kids and rabbits both. The pet rabbit habitat and behavior is very similar to wild rabbits. So you must know all the important wild rabbit facts so that you can raise your bunny with love, care, and safety.

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Rabbit Cage: While you can get away from the other pet animals in open, but rabbits as pets have to be kept indoors for safety. You should make a spacious cage for them where they can live, stretch and rest properly. Baby rabbits have to be kept inside the cage constantly.

The minimum size of the homemade rabbit cage should be somewhere near 180cm*90cm and 80cm in height. You can use cardboard to make a cozy residence if your rabbit.

If you make a free space for your rabbit to wander, you should make sure that you make it entirely safe for rabbits by pushing away sharp and harmful things.

If you have kids at home, you should be aware of the facts about rabbits for kids. If the baby rabbits are very small, keep them away from the kids initially as there is always a risk of infection.

If you are letting your rabbit run and play in open, be very careful about toxic agents such as insecticides and rodenticides. There are also plants that can be poisonous for rabbits as pets like aloe, azalea, calla lily, lily of the valley and philodendron etc.

A Healthy Diet: Dwarf rabbit care is same as baby rabbits as they are also very gentle and soft. Rabbits require a balanced diet as they have a different kind of digestive system.

Rabbits need hay for different fibers and minerals. You should give the baby rabbits green hay regularly so that they can develop immunity against common rabbit habitat problems such as hair balls, diarrhea, and obesity etc.

Among the basic diet foods for the baby rabbits, you should also give them some fresh vegetables such as carrots and reddish. Give the small portion of vegetables only one at a time. In fruits, you can give your rabbit fruits like apples, blueberries, papaya, strawberries, pears, peaches and so on.

There are also some fruits that you must avoid to keep your rabbits as pet healthy and hearty. These foods include tomatoes, cabbage, corn, beans, peas, onions, bamboo and so on. Apart from the food items, make sure that you provide only fresh water to your baby rabbit.

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See The Doctor When Required: Like any other pet, your rabbit also needs regular checkups for proper health. While you must go for annual and bi-annual checkups to an experienced veterinarian, see your doctor if you witness any strange activities or symptoms in your rabbit.

You should also understand the importance of spaying and be neutering your rabbit as pets can be messy and generate health problems due to repetitive deliveries.

Above is the basic and essential information about the rabbit, besides it there are other facts about rabbits for kids, dwarf rabbit care and rabbit habitat you must be aware of:

Rabbits are in habit of constantly chewing any object. So rather they chew and destroy your useful items, supply objects like the wooden wedge, toys like balls and blocks so they can keep themselves busy in that. Keep in mind that you don’t give them any sharp or dangerous piece of item.

  • Rabbits are very soft and fragile so be very careful with guests and kids when they want to play with your pet rabbit. Whenever you lift them up, don’t be rough or pushy always put strong support with both your hands as their bones are very delicate and can easily break if not handled with care
  • Rabbits are very social, they will give you a constant company but they can also feel alone sometimes. A pair or trio is always better and many researches have also shown that baby rabbits grow healthier and faster when are kept with alike animals
  • When you decide to bring a rabbit as pet in your house, don’t forget that they are not non-living objects or toys that you buy for your kids, they demand utter care and attention
  • Do not be careless even for a day because bad food or irregular diet can make them ill all of a sudden, whenever you witness something similar, rush to veterinarian to get proper care and treatment, Dwarf Rabbit Care If You Have Just Got One To Pet It

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Keep your rabbit’s cage always clean. Apart from the above-mentioned points, take special care of the rabbit’s cleanliness. Cleanse it every second or third day with gentle soap or cleansing liquids.

You can buy rabbit friendly products in some specialized stores only. Regular grooming is also demanded, cut the hair gently whenever they overgrow. Use a soft comb to comb entangled gaur from time to time making sure it doesn’t hurt your rabbit.

With these factors in mind, you can welcome and nurture the baby rabbit in your family while giving and taking immense love. Dwarf Rabbit Care

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