The Lives of Animals, Spy In The Wild Life


The Lives of Animals, Spy In The Wild Life

Animals are the most important part of nature. They help to keep intact natural balance on the earth. We are very afraid of animals but we never think sometimes that animals save our life. They usually used making drugs,The Lives of Animals, Spy In The Wild Life, in therapies and biomedical technology. We never think about them and their usefulness a lot. We never think about their lives, their existence overall how they can survive on earth. If you have a pet, you obviously try to survive itself and for its survive you must kill other animal.

For feeding a snake, the snake owner kills mice. On the other hand sometimes we kill snake to protect ourselves. In this way we are destroyed our ecological balance. If we have thought about animals, we never kill any animals.The Lives of Animals, Spy In The Wild Life

The Lives of Animals, Spy In The Wild Life

We can see animals in everywhere around us such as on the farm, at our house and sometimes we go to zoo to see the animals. All animals are different. They are different of their life leading way, their surviving process; their habit and usefulness. There are many kinds of animals on earth. Some animal like to live close upon to humans and some like to

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live in the forest. The animals who like to live near upon to men they are called domestic animals. Some of them are pet. And the animals who like to live in the forest called wild animals. Wild animals can be dangerous for you because they don’t like any human in their area. They think humans are harmful to them.The Lives of Animals, Spy In The Wild Life

Desert animals:

Everyone knows that deserts are very dry and extreme. So it is quite impossible to live in desert but there are some animals who love to live in desert. The desert’s animals are Aardwolf, addax, African wild ass, Baboon, camel, bustard, Eagle, cobra, Brown bear, Black footed cat, Boa etc. These animals have special features that help them to survive in that environment.The Lives of Animals, Spy In The Wild Life


Aardwolf’s Latin name is proteles cristatus and they are the member of hyena family. they are buff in color and their life expectancy is 12years.Aardwolves main predators are human and dog. But rarely do they eat mammals, carrion and birds. Aardwolves can consume 200,000 termites during one night.


Though addax are lived in desert, they have glossy coat is off white pale grayish brown in color. it have a white X shaped on its face and dark hear on the forehead. In Sahara, to protect themselves from the strong wind they dig beds under sand with their forefeet.


Baboons are the member of old world monkey’s family and they are medium to large in size. There are five kinds of baboon such as Olive baboon. guinea baboon, chacma baboon, the yellow baboon and the hamadryas baboon.


Camel is the hard working animal of desert and for human they are the only transport of frequenting in desert. Their life expectancy is over 40years and they can be 5.9 -6.6 ft in height.

It’s not easy to survive in desert. So these animals are very laborious.

Wild animals:

Wild animals are ferocious. They hunt one another to survive in the jungle. The most ferocious animals kill less ferocious animals to keep their existence. The craziest animals are jumping spiders, mayflies, cactus bees, garter snakes, Horned lizards, Mexican Axolotls, dung beetles, spade food toads, collared pikas etc.

Collared pikas

Among of them collared pikas are found in Alaska. Its legs are short but body is stocky and have a large round ear. They are as small as tennis ball in size. There is no very difference between male and female pikas.

The Lives of Animals, Spy In The Wild Life

Spade foot toads

The other craziest animal is spade foot toads that have the most patience than other animals.The Lives of Animals, Spy In The Wild Life

Garter snake

Who don’t fear in snake? yaa..its garter snakes , The other craziest animals in the world. Generally it founds in North America. If you have an abnormal fear of snake, you must stay indoors in spring season because spring is garter’s season.


The other one is mayflies who dies only a single day of life.

Jumping spider

May be everyone knows about spider but don’t be surprised to hear that spider can jump. it’s jumping spider. You also be surprised to hear that around 300 kinds of jumping spiders are found in United States. They are very small to see but they can jump very fast with jerky movement. The highest size of jumping spider is not much more than a half inch long. it’s really amazing that the jumping spider has eight eyes.

American Badger

The American Badger’s life style is different from other animals and they look very cute to see. Its face is triangular, having short legs and with a long, pointed, tipped up nose. Normally in United States you can be found them from the west coast to Texas, Michigan, Indiana, Missouri and Oklahoma. They love to live in plain areas like as plains land, farmland and edges of woods. the female badger gives birth in march and she has given birth 1-5 babies at a time in an underground nest lines with grass. The new born babies are blind and covered with a thin coat. They open their eyes when they are four weeks old. These animals live an average of 4-5 years in the wild.The Lives of Animals, Spy In The Wild Life

American Badger

White sharks

Great white sharks are the underwater animals. They are the largest predatory fish on earth. They are 15ft to more than 20ft in length and 5000pounds in weight. They can sense even tiny amounts of blood in the water up to 5km away. But it’s a matter of sorrow that now a days their number is decreasing due to over fishing and accidental catching.

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Usually cougar are known to us as puma, panther, mountain lion etc. they normally found in North and South Africa. These cougars are the most ferocious in all over the animal. But their numbers are reducing day by day.The Lives of Animals, Spy In The Wild Life

Animals play a very important role in our daily life because sometimes we use them as food and sometimes we use them as drugs. Though they have negative aspects for their behavior to human, they are very useful.The Lives of Animals, Spy In The Wild Life

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